An Investigation into the Impact and Benefit of: Advanced Clinical Massage Towards Releasing Emotional Trauma within the Bereaved

The purpose of this review is to examine whether advanced clinical massage can act as a facilitator in releasing emotion within the bereaved and whether this is of benefit during the bereavement process.
There is currently limited research on the affects of massage on the bereavement process and whether it acts as a facilitator in creating an emotional release. This research project aims to contribute towards the gap between the 2 key subjects of emotional release and bereavement. It is the hope that this formula will provide a safe space for the bereaved to acknowledge and begin to work through their grief. The key objective is to examine whether massage and emotional release will accelerate and provide benefit to the bereavement process.
It is important to understand the life changing consequences a person has to endure due to bereavement. A careful exploration was conducted into the practises of 10 advanced clinical massage therapists via semi structured interviews. The interviewees were selected from a highly regarded massage school in the United Kingdom ensuring all therapists where trained at the same high level. The 10 participants answered 22 questions via Skype for 1 hour. Questions ranged from general enquiries about the interviewees practises and qualifications to more in depth questioning on their experience with working with the bereaved and the affect emotional release had on their patients.
The data indicates that massage can act as a catalyst for emotional release. Advanced Clinical Massage certainly can act as a tool for emotional release but further research needs to be conducted to identify whether it helps in the acceleration of the bereavement process. However this review did also identify that emotion can cause chronic pain within patients suffering with bereavement due to unconscious muscle contraction and emotion being stored within the muscle cells. The findings also suggest that massage enables the bereaved to feel more grounded and able to cope with life’s everyday challenges.

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Dissertation – Massage and Emotional Trauma


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