Cocoon Ritual Explosion April is Taking Off!

Take me to Bali 😉

We are making the time, can you find it?

We have decided to ‘big up’ our Cocoon Ritual into a 110 minute treatment of pure bliss. Imagine….

Lying on the bed, focusing on your breathing, in and out like the motion of the sea waves. Our thoughts slowly disappearing as we breathe out and picture the tide taking any troubles, thoughts or feelings away for a little moment in time. With the in breathe we allow ourselves some positive thoughts and then a nice big exhale…. You feel your body heavy on the bed ready to ignite your senses. 

We will start with warm mitts on the feet – and slowly move up the body, working on your energy lines, flowing to your back where we will begin a massage especially tailored for you. Your main focus maybe the tension in your back or perhaps the emotional tension that is stored in your muscle memory. We focus on what you would like. We will massage your legs, arms, chest, face and shoulders before moving onto your skin treatment. The two treatments are seamlessly put together allowing you to lie back imagining you are floating in the sea without a care in the world…

Your skin treatment will consist of beautiful aromas, heated mitts, tailored skincare and the best bit… Massage of the face, the ears, the head and scalp…… Are you drifting?! 

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